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Sierra Leone is a land rich in beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, natural resources and colonial heritage. Not only has this but the greatest asset the country had its friendly natives who will even prefer to go out to make the foreigners comfortable. The beautiful country is located on the west Coast in Africa. It has a coastline of 402 km with a tropical climate. Liberia is located in the East while Atlantic Ocean is located in the West. The Republic of Guinea is towards the northern end of Sierra Leone. The weather is dry during the months of October to March whereas there is rainy season between April to September.

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Loma Mountains:
The forests reserve of Loma Mountains is found in the Neya and Nieni Chiefdoms in the district of Koinadugu in Northern Province stretching to about 346 km northeast.The Loma Mount forest reserve is found on a range of hills of altitudes between 400 to 1900 metres. The highest peak is Bintimani Mountain with altitude of 1945m located in West Africa at the west of Cameroon. The two major rivers of Sierra Leone have their sources from the region of Loma Mountains. Towards the southwest is the Sewa river and the northwest has Rokel. The nearest biggest towns are the Bendugu at 40 km towards northwest and Kabala at 100 km to the northeast.

Holidays Flights to Freetown

Long Pond:
The Long Pond is situated in Wayne County covering a 81 acre impoundment managed by the Fish and Boat Commission and owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The pond is also known as Lake Alden with maximum and average depths of the pond are 10.4 and 19.5 feet according to records. The pond is recently stocked with Channel Catfish and Walleye fingerling by the Fish Commission. The Commonwealth water regulations apply for all available species in the pond. The pond permits for unlimited horsepower boating with parking facilities. As per the special boat regulation the waterskiing is allowed at the pond between 10:00am to 5:00 pm during weekends whereas during weekdays it is permitted between 10:00am until sunset.

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Charlotte falls:
There are many waterfalls along the routes of Western Peninsula Rivers, who are at their peak during the rainy season. Charlotte Falls offer the most are spectacular view of water flowing down over the rocks into the pool at the base of the falls. Just 20 minutes out of the own into the Western Peninsula the road twists and turns its way downwards in the Charlotte Falls area. There is a Krio village of Charlotte situated in the forest where you should take a walk before reaching the waterfall. There afterwards the guide can help you in going through the forest and then passing by a river you will finally reach the Charlotte falls. The coastline of the country is stretched to over 400km with incredibly beautiful beaches on its way. Although it is a region with so many amazing beaches yet it is a quiet place. Very few people live in the area, with several kilometers of beach.

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