As the matter of the fact, the Sierra Leone travel experience would certainly be the amazing one for you if you want to do fun with your life in the short period of time. this is the best beach destination that lies in the west african continent of the world. you would be astonished to see the sweet sands that are filled by the soft waters offered by the Atlantic. if you travel towards the northern part of Sierra Leone, you would be able to witness the rainforest green along with the red roads lies on the northern areas.

Lumley Beach:

This is one of the best beaches 0f the Sierra leone which has remained to be the favorite for the travelers and tourists. this beach is ideal if you want to get engage in the activity of the sunrise run, volleyball and the most significantly, football. this houses wide range of the bars and the club that offer the exciting nightlife. you would be loved to get engaged in the peaceful environment of the sunset along with interacting with the locals. this beach is quite near to the many guesthouses and the hotels.

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary:
This is the highly explored natural reserve which houses more than 700 plants species along with the 135 bird species and the most significantly, sea turtles. Tawai has been popular for being able to host the primate population. this would help you grab the sight of the rare creatures.


Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary:

This lies around the densely rainforest western area national park which is filled by the leafy, well-established hideaway that have been able to safeguard the endangered primates. as the matter of the fact, the committed and tourist friendly staff of the area would help you to get over with the tour along with grabbing of the sight of endangered species.

Sierra Leone food & drink:

This country offers the delicious and the fresh food to the people who are considered to be the food lovers. as the matter of the fact, the main food item of this country is the rice along with the wide range of the sauces, potato leaf and so on and forth. never miss out the star beers and the palm wine.

Bunce Island:

This is the best island that was launched to be the important trading fortress and that lies around the Sierra Leone River. if you are interested to get to know about the history of the Sierra Leone, then this fortress would be the great experience for you and the trade of slave that took place many decades ago.

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